Nuns of the Order of the Most Holy Annunciation

Totally Marian Order

The Order of the Most Holy Annunciation, known as the “Blue" nuns, is a Monastic order that is totally “Marian”.  It promotes tender, filial devotion to the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of the Annunciation, splendour of our Order, particularly dedicated to her.  Particular honour is given to devotion to the mystery of the Annunciation. 

The feast days dedicated to her by the Church and those in the Order are celebrated with great fervour and decorum. 
Mary has a very special place in our life as consecrated souls.  We entrust
our journey towards the Father to her care and love.

Our contemplative life, as a continuous awareness of the presence of God, takes concrete form in:

Adoration of the Word Incarnate, in the mystery of the Annunciation, with the Eucharist always in our midst, happily living the hidden life of the Virgin and her Son and Lord, in continuous prayer, consistent meditation, and hard work, imitating the Virgin Mary, following Christ’s example, as daughters of our Heavenly Father, sisters and disciples of Jesus, with the commitment of the Holy Spirit, in a simple life and sincere fraternity, generously and hopefully accepting the joys, suffering, and crosses that are part of life.  With Jesus Crucified, before he died, we say “All has been accomplished”.  We live in the unbounded joy of the martyrdom of the resurrection to be witness to the world of the unfathomable Mercy of the Most Holy Trinity.